Various packaging options





We offer our fruit jellies in bulk packs weighing between 570 g and 3 kg. We have also developed a transparent, cylindrical box for our flow-packed pastilles and blocks. An assortment can consist of different flavours or all the same flavour: everything is possible.

2 KG

1 KG

1,6 KG

Consumer packs

We have developed a range of consumer packs. They are available under the Confidas brand. Would you prefer to have your brand name on these boxes? Let us take care of that for you!

120-200 g

200 g

100-200 g

140-330 g

Your own packaging

Sometimes it is more efficient to have our fruit jellies packed in your own boxes right away. This is also a possibility. We look forward to discussing various options with you.





More information

Do you have questions about our fruit delicacies? If so, contactus. We will be happy to help. Do you want to become a distributor of our fruit jellies? Fill in your details here. We will contact you as soon as possible.