The effect of sports fruit on performances

The effect of sports fruit on performances

In January 2019, Confidas participated in ‘Mijn idee’, a project supported by Odisee Hogeschool Gent. The aim of this project was to help Ghent companies innovate. Five companies were given the opportunity to ask a question online about their product or service in order to collect input from a wide audience. This input was helpful to get started. Confidas was one of the lucky ones!

Would you eat fruit energy bars during exercise?

Besides confectionery products, Confidas also produces fruit energy bars based on pâtes de fruits. We see a lot of potential in these fruit bars because of their intrinsic properties: vegan, 80% carbohydrates and free from artificial colourings and flavourings. We decided to put the theory to the test by examining what convinces endurance athletes to use these fruit energy bars as a source of natural energy. We therefore joined forces with 3-Coach.

The research consisted of 3 phases. In the first phase, we asked online, via the platform ‘Mijn idee’, to indicate what convinces athletes to use fruit energy bars. We then asked this group of respondents, all passionate endurance athletes, to participate in a practical study (phase 2). Nine athletes applied. We gave them a package with fruit energy bars to train for three weeks. In the third phase, we asked the test group to complete a short survey. Various qualities of the sports fruit were questioned and evaluated. The results are very similar!

The fruit energy bars received a score of:

93% for digestibility

90% for flavour and texture

100% for the desired effect on sports performances

100% for the confidence in the product to use it during competitions.

The best student in the class?

You probably think we only received positive feedback? We have, however, something to work on. Currently, the bars have plastic packaging. Some athletes from the research group suggested to rework the packaging. Not only the ease of use, but also the environmental awareness plays an increasingly important role among athletes. With Confidas, we are currently looking at how we can work this through, considering the environment, the hygienic aspect and the ease of use. We will keep you posted!♥